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I dedicate myself to telling stories, I facilitate meetings and workshops, I do theater and I also dedicate time to sound creation, from radio to the world of podcasts.


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The man who sowed on the dry border

After several months of work, a sound documentary reaches your ears about the life, death and legacy of journalist Santiago Leguizamón, murdered 31 years ago by the border mafia in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay.

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The first time

It had rained the night before and it seemed that all the forces of nature had aligned so that I saw a gray version of the sea coast.

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The credulity of adults

In this matter of telling stories out loud and trying to live on top of it, we are not always presented with occasions or spaces that meet the ideal conditions, especially for adult audiences, because there are many for children.

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I like to tell stories out loud and trace soundscapes like the flutter of a mainumby

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